Chauncey Billups

NBA Player

Wesley Sneijder

Professional Soccer Player

Rico Verhoeven

World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion

Toby Stevenson

Olympic Pole Vaulter

David Torrance

Olympic Runner

Jeff Hartwig

Olympic Polevaulter

I have competed as a professional track and field athlete for over 15 years. I am a pole vaulter, which in a survey done by USA Today was rated as the third most difficult activity to do in all sports. It is probably the most physically demanding of all sports and with that stress comes a frequent need for therapy and treatment. Treatment serves to both ward off little aches and pains, as well as injury prevention. In the event of injury, manual treatment can significantly reduce and improve healing time. I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Vincent’s for many years. As I write this I am only a few weeks shy of my 40th birthday. Altus has helped me to stay on top of my game and still compete at a world class level. This year I have enjoyed one of my best seasons and currently have a top ten world ranking. This is in large part to the work that I have done with Altus to keep my body fine tuned and performing at an optimal level. Altus’s tried and true therapy can benefit athletes of all levels as well as anyone desiring a higher level of health and wellness.

Dominique Arnold

Olympic Track and Field Hurdles

I have seen many doctors through my sports career, and no doctor/chiropractor has ever come close to the level of treatment I get at the Altus Sports Institute. They don’t just zoom n the problem, but assess the whole body finding what caused the problem in the first place. Whether it is a short and weak muscle, or pelvis out of balance, or over compensation they treat it using customized treatment plan and extensive injury prevention exercise routines. At the end you feel like a new person, you run faster, jump higher, and the injuries – they just don’t come back, or even if they do I can bounce back in no time.

Nathaniel Curran

Professional Surfer – #1 in WQS Surf Tour

I have worked with Dr. Vincent and the team from Altus Sports Institute for the past 7 years. They have helped me overcome many of my injuries from surfing, including 3 shoulder dislocations. This last year when I dislocated my shoulder the surgeon said I wouldn’t be able to surf for 9 months. Dr. Vincent said I would be back in 3 1/2 months. Sure enough he and the team at Altus worked their magic and I was back in 3 1/2 months. The Altus team had me working it immediately with bands and n the pool. They treated my body as one whole functional unit starting off with simple movements and progressing all the way back to sport specific exercises and eventually surfing. I ended up having the best year of my life, I won the World Qualifying Series, and now am competing on the Top 44 world circuit. Thanks to Dr. Vincent and his amazing team wouldn’t be here without you guys!!!